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Relationship managementNote takingScheduling
Relationship managementNote takingScheduling


The Ultimate Coda Handbook for Sales Teams

Connect your team, data, and processes with these Coda solutions.

Brian Lederman

Manage your sales pipeline

Docs to help you track a buyer's journey.
Sales Funnel Tracking with Coda
Use this doc to track how long each deal sits in each stage of the pipeline
Sales Pipeline & Benchmark Calculator | MEDDIC Template
You know your quota for the month, quarter, or year, now what?

Get ahead with these playbooks

Document your team's best practices, tactics, and strategies.
PMA Sales Playbook Template
Use this sales playbook template for sales reps to follow a specific process when selling to prospects.
SE Playbook
What it takes to become an amazing SE

Docs in Sales & customer success

Sales CRM
Win deals your way with a visual CRM to manage companies, contacts, and sales pipelines.
Repeating Dates Calculator
Make sure repeated events land on the correct weekday
Google Calendar + Coda
Organize your time and meetings right inside a Coda doc with the Google Calendar pack.
Content library
Content library
One doc to track (and draft) all of your content.
The Knowledgement Starter Kit: Wikis, knowledge bases, and knowledge hubs
A collection of free, time-saving templates for managing information.
Blog & Social Media Scheduler
A powerful tool to re-schedule your evergreen content
Shishir's Color-What-Matters Calendar Guide
Why (& how) coloring your calendar can solve your time issues.
Flexible Invoice System
This is a template to illustrate how a Coda doc can become a light-weight invoicing system.
Analyze your time with Google Calendar
This is a template to illustrate how a Coda doc can become a powerful way to understand how you spend your time.
Product Launch Template: The 8 proven tools to execute a flawless product launch
Copy this template certified by Product School to plan and execute successful product launches.
The Digital Agency Operating System
An agency-in-a-box to manage your business
Account Plan Template
How Sales & Customer Success can stay aligned on shared customers
Small Business CRM and Project Tracker
The Sales Team Starter Kit
Our guide to building success-driven docs that scale with your team.
Hackathon Innovation Ritual: How we grow our best ideas
Hackathon is one of our most sacred rituals at Coda, and we’re excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look, plus a template so you can run your own Hackathon.
Personal CRM with Texting
This personal CRM template lets you stay in touch with friends and colleagues. Easily add people and interactions with the click of a button.
Tracking Suppliers & Purchase Orders
This Coda doc allows you to tracks purchase orders to your suppliers.
Managing Time like Money
All-in-one to-do list and Google Calendar
An all-in-one solution that merges your to-do list with your Google Calendar events. No more going to a separate to-do list and calendar.
Wedding Planning Template
This wedding planning template can be your all-in-one, 100% customizable tool to plan your wedding. Forget all the separate spreadsheets, docs, to-do lists, and photo boards. Bring it all together and stay organized in just the way you want in Coda!
Personal CRM
A simple Coda doc to track interactions with important people in my life.
Shopify + Coda Starter Kit
Sync data between Shopify and Coda with the click of a button. Add products, edit prices, process orders, all from your Coda doc.
Customer Feedback Hub
Track, analyze, and reply to customer feedback, all in one doc.
Webflow Pack: Start Here
The Webflow Pack is here to give you more flexibility while working with the Webflow CMS, enabling all the power of Coda with your Webflow data.
Intercom's R&D Hub
Intercom's R&D roadmap and goals were stuck in disconnected spreadsheets and documents. So Aislinn built a Coda doc to keep R&D, Sales, and Marketing on the same page.
Account Plan Template
Bring all of your people, docs, spreadsheets, data and apps about your customers together in one place. Welcome to Coda.
Track all your Packages (USPS, UPS & Fedex)
Track packages from USPS, UPS and Fedex all in one place
Automate the $*%! out of user research so it's not painful — and actually happens
Get user insights without the overhead. We built this process to stay close to users as we built Coda's Packs platform. With no dedicated researcher, we automated painful logistics and leveraged the team for insights — improving the product immensely.
The Conversational Support Funnel toolkit
Make efficient, personal support a reality with Intercom’s Conversational Support Funnel Toolkit.
The Customer-First Toolkit: How I meet 500+ customers a year as a CEO
The tools, templates, and rituals you need to become a human-first leader.