Docs in Recipes

Hoffman fanmade coffee calculator
Quickly calculate brew ratios for delicious coffee based on James Hoffmann's recipes
Avocado Ripeness Tracker
Not sure when your avocados are ready to eat? Simply push a button on this doc to start tracking them. You'll get a notification when they're ripe!
Pantry & Recipes
This template allows you to add ingredients to your pantry and create recipes from those ingredients.
Recipe Ideas & Cooking Log
A simple, customizable list of recipe ideas & notes on what you've cooked.
Grocery List
A collaborative family grocery list that auto-pulls images from Wikipedia.
Minimalist Tiki Companion doc
And how to use this doc
Dairy Free Ice Cream Recipes
Home Bar Inventory
And how to use this doc
Food Tracker
Easily keep track of your food inventory and what food should be eaten first.
Personal Wine Tracker
Agenda Menus
Holiday Potluck Assignments
A holiday potluck doc for your guests to sign up for so the potluck isn't left with wine and potatoes 🍷
Cooking Measurements & Conversion Chart
Convert common cooking measurements like half of 3/4 cups, oz to cups, ml to cups, grams to cups, and more.
Cake Boxes
Cake Boxes
Hướng Dẫn Cách Làm Cam Sấy Khô Bằng Lò Nướng Đơn Giản
Hướng Dẫn Cách Làm Cam Sấy Khô Bằng Lò Nướng Đơn Giản
Tìm hiểu ngay cách làm cam sấy khô bằng lò nướng cực kỳ đơn giản và nhanh chóng qua bài viết sau đây nhé!
Blue Rice Recipe
Simple, beautiful and tasty BLUE rice
Meal Planning Template
Use a custom-made Coda doc to organize your dinners and grocery list
Family Organizer
Family Organizer
Shopping List Generator
Use OpenAI and recipe URLs to build a shopping list in a heartbeat.
Our favorite Waffles+Mochi recipes and at-home cooking adventures
A kid-friendly recipe book template to capture and share your family's favorite healthy meals. Keep recipes, tips, and ratings from all your cooking adventures.
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Hot pot signup sheet
How to throw a hot pot party at home in potluck style? This doc has the most common ingredients and an easy-to-track sign up sheet
The Ultimate Cocktail Generator
Spice up your home bar and flex those mixology muscles with this spirit based generator.
An Atlas of Us
Chart your family history across generations. Memories, maps, and mixtapes – all in one virtual treasure chest...
We belong together: Favorite pairings for your next gathering
What could be better than wine & cheese?
Mother's Little Helper Recipe "Book"
Curate recipes according to dietary needs, plan your meals, and organize your shopping list
VPN Pizza Recipe
Recipe for an authentic neapolitan style pizza
Unit of Measure conversion
Formulas to convert between Units of Measurement (SI and non-SI)
The Japanese tea ceremony
A mindfulness tradition steeped in history.
Relative Recipes (Mad-Lib Style Cookbook)
Build a family cookbook together!