Docs in Milestone charts

Peloton Analytics Tool for Workout Stats [+Template]
A tutorial on how you can sync and analyze your Peloton workout stats into Coda with custom dashboards using the unofficial Peloton API.
Jessica Powell's Guide to Great 1:1s
Gantt Project Plan
Schedule tasks on a timeline and track other project parts like notes, meetings, and retrospectives.
(dog)'s Records & Schedule
Product Development & Growth
Product Development & Growth
Classroom Points Tracker
An easy and free way to track participation and student feedback in distance-learning environments.
Charts in Cells
A template with time series charts in a table that update when you move a slider.
Birthday Reminders
Never forget an important birthday again! Automatically email yourself a reminder the day before.
Team Wins and Milestones
Celebrate more and often.
Tracking your year, 1 hour every month.