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OKRsPersonal goals
OKRsPersonal goals

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Rituals for hypergrowth: An inside look at how YouTube scaled
A peek inside how YouTube tackled the 2008 to 2014 hypergrowth years with a unique set of rituals.
Pinterest’s Pyramid OKRs
How to avoid silos when setting goals at scale.
OKRs with Epics
Setting objectives and key results can be an effective way to drive an organization forward towards your team's goals.
The ultimate OKR toolkit for product marketers by Product Marketing Alliance
Now you're familiar with all the OKRs available to you, here's your companion toolkit to help implement all - or at the very least some - of them.
In search of a better planning process: How Coda's core rituals evolved
The Best Planning Process doesn't exist. But the best planning process for your team does—if you're willing to make trade-offs. Here's a look at how Coda balanced bottoms-up reflection, top-down strategy, and bottoms-up planning.
Single Decisive Reasoning (SDR) at Superhuman
Utilizing the Single Decisive Reasoning framework for high growth startups
How Aavia tackles ambitious OKRs so that you can befriend your hormones
The tea on the 6-week goal-setting ritual that keeps us fiercely focused.
Transform your New Year's resolutions
An interactive yearly goal planner to convert your resolutions into a concrete plan.
Product team hub quick start
Everything you need to organize your product team in one place.
Measure What Matters OKR Starter Kit
This template helps you and your team get started with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) based on the book Measure What Matters by John Doerr.
Quarterly Plus OKRs
A simple guide for aligning team OKRs with the company's biggest bets.
AI Draft Tool
AI Draft Tool
"Ally" OKR w/ Status Updates
Quarterly Planning that Doesn't Suck
Brex's simple + transparent OKR process
Lean-Agile Portfolio Management for a Modern Strategic Planning
Content Page. The main purpose of this CODA Doc is to create visibility and document the whole process of Modern Strategic Planning. Find here a Happy Path - A simple RoadMap to go down to Business immediately, or take the Learning Path towards Lean-Agile.
Rushabh's OKR Template
📲 Mobile-First 🌈Colorful ⚙️ Custom ✅ Todo | Todo 10k, How I Do 10k Things / Day
Template Canvas Lists
Steps as explained in my medium blog post
Company Firmware For Capstone
Bing Gordon's Forever OKRs: A new approach to define and measure your success
A simple template for long-term accountability.
Leadership in 3D