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Bug trackingSprint planning
Bug trackingSprint planning


The Ultimate Coda Handbook for Engineering Teams

What I learned from 100s of engineering teams and why they choose Coda.

Oliver Heckmann

Docs in Engineering

Gokul's S.P.A.D.E. Toolkit
A technique for making difficult decisions—formed in my time as a Google and Facebook exec, and widely deployed at Square.
Decision brief
Decision brief
Have the right people weigh in on an upcoming decision.
Iterative project management: What is it & when to use it?
Foster collaboration and rapid prototyping with this flexible style of project management.
GitHub + Coda
Keep track of your time and product development, all within one doc.
The Official 5-Day Design Sprint
Run your own sprint with this interactive guide to product and marketing validation.
Project Brief with Jira
The Project Brief is designed to include an entire Product Story in a single doc.
Adam Nash's 3-Bucket Product Planning Guide
The guide to focusing your product roadmap on what matters most, from the former VP of Product & Growth at Dropbox.
Epics and issues
Epics and issues
Create a hierarchy of tasks for your team.
The best methods for leading a scrum sprint planning meeting
This template seeks to bring some of the familiar boards in concert with other layouts of data, all in service of efficiently managing biweekly sprints.
QA Testing
Manage software releases and their tests with a quality assurance (QA) testing template.
Kanban Board for Projects
Track your projects and tasks on a simple kanban board.
Assignment Tracker
This doc contains everything you need to keep track of your homework and assignments!
Software Quality, Bugs, and SLAs
A guide on how to keep your engineering team on track by a former Director of Engineering and Product Management at Facebook.
Jira + Project Brief
Bring your Jira issues and project requirements together, all within a single doc.
Jira Backlog (template for tutorial)
Experiment with this template to see how you can organize and analyze Jira issues that are synced from your Jira project.
Scrum Project Template
Coda's Bug Tracker
Reproduction of the document we use to track bugs internally at Coda
How to Run a Virtual Hackathon - Coda
Your team may be distributed, but that doesn't mean you can't bring everyone together.
Formulas for working with HTML in Coda
Render Time Calculator
Render Time Calculator
Engineer Starter Kit
A starter kit for engineers, developers, and technical leads.
1 on 1 Meetings + GitHub
Take notes for your 1 on 1 meetings and see relevant Github PR's, all in one doc.
The 12 agile principles explained with examples
A guide to the 12 commonly accepted guidelines for successful agile software development.
Redefining HR for the Post-Covid Future of Work
The "future of work" is now. The events of 2020 have propelled the field of HR forward and created an opportunity for a rethinking and resetting of how we design work practices that best serve all employees, our companies, and each other.
Agile Planning Poker
An Agile Planning Poker tool in Coda!
GitHub Cherry Pick From Branch
This GitHub cherry pick template lets you see the branches and pull requests in one table before merging.
Semrush Keyword Research Template
Use this template to find keywords your competitors are ranking on and prioritize opportunities by difficulty
Clearer Decision-Making with PCA
Learn how to generate the best chart of your multidimensional data
Pack Studio: Five lessons from building a platform with the garage door open
How we launched a platform for developers...and everyone else
Critique Log with Figma
Post ideas and designs from Figma you want your team to review