Share your anxiety with What’s That Smell?!
We had this whole email address thing, but we solved technology and now there’s a form! And when you submit it, it comes to us! And you don’t have to write that awful email address we shall never speak of again.
Does it have to be your name? No. You can make up a name. We’d prefer your name so we know who you are. You know who WE are, after all. But we won’t say your name if you don’t want us to do so.

Keep Me Anonymous
If you want to leave us an anxiety but don’t want us to name you (first name only) on the show, check this box. We will likely make up a name for you. It will be charming.
Email Address
If we discuss your anxiety on the show, we’ll be sure and email you here to let you know before the show is released… so you can tell your family… or, you know, start packing your bags.
What are you anxious about?
Go ahead. Let us have it. Tell us everything. It can be as long or as short as you want, but personal details or stories ALWAYS help!