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Each year, Snake River Seed Cooperative donates thousands of seed packets to community organizations involved in education, farming, gardening, nutrition, food security, and seed saving. We are happy to support initiatives within the Intermountain West, whether it be a school program, a non-profit fundraiser, a new seed library, or a community garden. Just complete the questionnaire below to the best of your ability and we’ll be in touch to let you know if we have seeds to match your needs!
Organization Name

First and Last Name
Email Address
Street Address
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Zip Code
Organization Type
Are you a 501c3 Non-Profit?
If you are you able to provide a tax deductible receipt, it helps our collective efforts! (Having a 501c3 status is not required, just helpful!)
Can we share your organization's information on our website and social media? (We would love to help spread the word about the good work you are doing!) Emailing us photos of your members/students planting seeds or working in the garden will help!
If you answered yes, please provide a link to your organization's website and/or social media.
Please give us a description of your organization or project.
If we are able to accommodate your request, how will you use the seeds?
Are there specific varieties/crops you would like to request? (We will always do our best to accommodate your requests but sometimes must make substitutions based on what is available.)

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