Michelle's Murder Masquerade
Celebrate the day of Michelle's birth with some masked murder! When there is life, there must come death... Please fill this out only if you plan to attend. If you cannot make it, please inform Michelle so she can plan accordingly. If you have a +1, please fill out a separate entry as you/they need to select specific characters for each person.
Your Name
If you're a +1 and I don't know you yet, please indicate who you're +1 with. Also feel free to fill this out for your +1!

Your Email
This will be used to confirm access to your character information and for me to send out a calendar invite and email updates to as the event draws near.
Select one character you'd like to be for the night
Please review the options carefully. Only select a character you think you want to pull off, including wearing a good costume/mask for it. The more in-character everyone can be, the more fun it'll be! :) The listed attires for each character are just ideas, but try to make your character somewhat distinctive if possible! Also note there are suggested gender roles indicated by the pronouns, but we don't really care, anyone can be whatever gender/role they want!
Confirm you have read above and will attend as the selected character in costume and mask
Please make sure you can show up and will be in-character. Having no-shows or people not in-character or in costume will be no fun! If you run into issues, please let Michelle know.
Any comments/questions? :)