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Is Minimalism For You?
Hint: yes, why not!
How much does minimalism interest you?
Scale, 0: "not at all" and 10: "very much"
Do you feel unfulfilled by all of your stuff?
Are you unsatisfied with our consumerist flex culture?
Do you feel as though your items define you or your happiness?
Does thinking about the stuff you own (or don’t own) stress you out?
Do you believe that the source of your joy is your things? And if so, are you open to the idea that this can change?
Do you think your life could improve if you owned less stuff?
Do you feel like you don’t have enough time/bandwidth to focus on the aspects of life that you care about?
Is the life you are living conflicting with your priorities and values?
Has hearing about “minimalism” or “minimalists” piqued your interest? Are you curious to learn more, but are you not sure where to start?
After answering the questions above, how open are you to becoming a minimalist now?
Scale 0: "not at all" and 10: "very much, minimalism seems like the solution to many of my life's problems!"

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