ITAV Village 'Neighbor to Neighbor' Application
Our goal with this program is to connect villagers with resources to villagers who need those resources. AVAILABILITY - we are a small group of volunteers and all donations are sent by members of the It Takes A Village group. It is possible for the resources within the group and this program to become overwhelmed, and so we cannot guarantee that every applicant will receive a village sponsorship. However, we understand your needs are very real and we are doing our best to accommodate every single applicant if possible. MOST IMPORTANTLY you are valued as a member of our village. We know this is an incredibly difficult time and our goals are to be a bridge to help you through this crisis in a way that we know our government cannot, and to make sure you feel seen and heard.

Tell us a little bit about your story
PRIVACY - by filling out this application we will share your story and information with as few people as possible. The only people with access to your stored information are at most: the members of the village board, the coordinator of the sponsorship, and the transporter of the sponsorship. We may use your story (anonymously) on social media as an example of the program.
Can we create an Amazon wishlist for you?
The easiest way to get you what you need is for us to set up a wishlist for you and have things sent directly to your house. We also typically will have a few people donate things that need to be dropped off at your house by a transporter. If you are ok with sharing your address in this way please check the box.
Would you like to receive a meal from Lasagna Love?
By clicking this box, you are agreeing that we will fill out a form for Lasanga Love with your information. All other steps to coordinate this meal would come from them, so you'd be receiving communication directly from LL. Read more about the organization here:
PLEASE NOTE that our bylaws state we are able to assist an individual or family ONCE every 2 years. ITAV is considered a 'bridge' towards longer term aid if that is what is needed. ITAV is run by volunteers who are not qualified or approved to provide support beyond this program. If you agree please check the box:
What do you need?
WE EXPECT HONESTY - for the good of the community, please be honest about your needs. This does NOT mean underscore what you truly need, this only means please do not exaggerate in order to be chosen. We work with applicants in the order that they are received, not based on any other criteria. We are trusting that each of our applicants are in need of the supplies that are donated, based on the honor system. Please be DETAILED - if you need or have diapers, what size? If you need paper towels or toilet paper, how much? Brands of specific goods would also be helpful.
By checking this box I am willingly participating in the It Takes A Village Neighbor to Neighbor program at my own risk. I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless It Takes a Village Community Giving and its sponsors, business affiliates, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, attorneys, agents, volunteers and coordinators, from and against any and all damages, claims and actions brought by me or any third party resulting from my participation in this program. It Takes A Village Community Giving will not be liable to anyone for any action taken in relation to this program.

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