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Do you live within the following areas? Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Eastern Washington.
If your answer is no, I'm sorry we are not able to purchase seeds from you. We are committed to sourcing our seeds within this specific region so we can continue to adapt the varieties to our climate.
Are you able to meet the minimum plant population requirements for commercial seed saving?
If your answer is no, I'm sorry we are not able to purchase seeds from you. If you're not sure what this question is referring to, please go back to the previous page on our website titled "Become a Co-op Grower" and read the section about plant population requirements.
Farm/Organization Name
Contact Name
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What is the size of your farm?
Is your farm certified organic? If not, do you use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides? Please describe your growing practices.
How long have you been farming?
What are you growing currently?
What is your seed saving experience?
Are there specific Snake River Seed Cooperative varieties you would like to grow?
Isolation is important for seed production. What is the distance from your field to your nearest neighbor's field or garden?
Is there anything else about your farm that you would like to share?

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