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Coda for Startups (takes 2 minutes to fill out)
Qualification criteria include being incorporated within the last five years and having raised less than $25M total. If you are affiliated with one of our startup partners, please select your program involvement below.
1. Coda workspace name
Choose the workspace you'd like us to add your startup credit to. Your workspaces are listed on the left side of your screen under the All Docs menu at

2. Company name
3. Company website
We require a company website to verify your companies details. If you don't have one yet please link to another resource like a LinkedIn page.
4. Crunchbase profile
What is your company's Crunchbase profile URL? E.g. Coda's Profile URL is If you don't have one yet, just put 'N/A'.
5. Program involvement
What accelerator, incubator, fund, or community are you a part of? If you don't have one yet, select 'N/A'.
If you selected 'Other' in the previous question, please add name of your program
6. Proof of program involvement
We can accept proof in the form of an article or webpage, program acceptance letter, term sheet, email from the partner to you, or internal offer listing, to apply the startup discount to your workspace. Include attachments below.
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7. Startup Stage
Please include your stage of funding. If bootstrapped, choose the option that roughly correlates with your startup's maturity.
8. How did you find out about Coda?
9. What do you plan on using Coda for?
Choose all that apply – we use this info to give you a better Coda experience!
If you selected 'Other' in the previous question, please add in details here.
Coda for Startups Terms and Conditions
Please review carefully the Coda for Startups Terms and Conditions below.
Acceptance of Coda for Startups Terms and Conditions
Please tick the box below to confirm that you have read and agree to accept the terms and conditions linked to above, and, if you are agreeing on behalf of an entity, that you are authorized to accept such terms on behalf of the entity you represent.

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