Coda for Startups
Tell us more about your startup to apply for $1000 in workspace credit. To begin, sign up for a Coda account by going to Then, create a workspace for your startup and record the workspace name. We'll need this to apply your discount. Note: This offer is available to new and existing customers and can not be combined with another offer.
1. Startup Partnership
What accelerator, incubator, or fund are you a part of?
2. Proof of Partnership
We can accept proof in the form of an article or webpage, program acceptance letter, term sheet, email from the partner to you, or internal offer listing, to apply the startup discount to your workspace. Include attachments below.
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3. Your Full Name
Please include your first and last name.
4. Coda Email Address
What is the email address associated with your Coda workspace?
5. Coda Workspace Name
Choose the workspace you'd like us to add your start-up credit to. Your workspaces are listed on the left side of your screen under the All Docs menu at
6. Company Name
7. Company Website
8. Crunchbase Profile website
What is your company's Crunchbase profile URL? E.g. Coda's Profile URL is

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