Coda for Nonprofits
Tell us more about your nonprofit to apply for a 50% off your nonprofit's workspace. To start, sign up for a Coda account by going to Then, create a workspace for your nonprofit and record the workspace name. We'll need this to apply your discount. Note: This offer is available to new and existing customers and can not be combined with another offer.
1. What is your first and last name?

2. What is your nonprofit's company name?
3. What is your nonprofit's website?
4. Is your nonprofit located in the US?
If yes, please include your 501(c)(3) letter below. If no, please include your country's equivalent nonprofit paperwork for review.
5. Please attach your 501(c)(3) letter (US based) or your country's equivalent paperwork.
Add file
6. What is the email address associated with your Coda account?
7. Which workspace would you like the discount applied to?
Discounts are applied to your workspace and not to your overall account. You can find your workspace(s) on the left side of the screen at

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