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This is the short and snappy name for your idea, (e.g. HubSpot for Coda, Cap Tables in Coda).
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How will this be used? What inspired you to work on this? Who will use this?
Do you have a prototype/demo you’d like to share?
You can share a coda doc, a sketch, video, website or anything that could help us understand your idea.
How much funding do you need and how will you use the funding from the Maker Fund?
On the low end, how much funding would be needed for you to execute the smallest version of this project and what would that look like? On the high end, how much funding would be needed to help you reach this project’s full potential and what would you do with the additional funds?
In addition to funding, what support from Coda do you need to make this a reality?
Developer relations, co-marketing support, interviews with Coda users/experts, something else?
When do you plan to start working on this and how long do you anticipate it will take?
We recognize that in the tech industry, there are many underrepresented groups who have been historically excluded. We also recognize that diversity comes in many forms. Please take this space to share any of your personal identities or experiences that would help diversify our Maker community.
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