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How are you involved on campus?
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Why are you a good fit for the Fellowship?
Keep answer under 250 words.
What's one initiative that you could launch at your campus that would drive 100 new Coda signups?
Keep answer under 250 words and feel free to get creative! It could be an hosting an event, creating a publishing a specific Coda doc, etc. Provide a brief step-by-step plan.
How many hours/week can you dedicate to the Fellowship?
Ideally fellows could dedicate 10-15 hours/week, however we're more than happy to accommodate if you can't but are highly passionate about the Fellowship! We ask this question to get a better idea of students' schedules to shape the Fellowship around it.
Please add links to any social media, portfolio sites, or anything else you'd like to share with us!
LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, etc.
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