Keep track of business
The problem with tracking inventory
Remember the days you could track your SKUs in a single inventory sheet? Now you have to buy pricey enterprise plans to track your inventory, and they never quite fit. It’s hard being a small business with big business overhead.
The good news
With a Coda doc, your inventory tracking system can grow and flex as your business scales. No more switching tools or upgrading plans. All you have to do is copy and customize one of these templates.
Quick-start inventory templates
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Tracking Suppliers & Orders
Keeping tabs on your supply chain.
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Tracking Physical Inventory
From bike rentals to book clubs.
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Calculating Production Cost
Raw materials in. Finished goods out.
Your inventory tracking toolkit
Coda comes with building blocks so you can design the right tool for your team. Here are a few.
A single source of truth with multiple views so everyone can see it their own way.
Because the more you visualize your data, the better you understand it.
Connect your doc to Shopify, Quickbooks, and a thousand other tools.
Slice, dice, and roll up your data. And get answers for the questions you care about.
Inventory template or secret sauce? You decide.
This Inventory doc from Hudson Henry Granola goes far beyond your typical Excel stock sheet. It pulls in and parses data from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to tell you which products are selling and which customers could be buying more.
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Hope, Michele, @ Hudson Henry Baking Co
Preview of Inventory template or secret sauce? You decide.
Zen and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance.
This mobile-friendly template comes from outdoor educator Ben Lee. He built it to manage bike rentals and maintenance. With one master database, your entire team can have on-the-go access and buttons to easily update what’s available, missing, or needs repair.
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Ben Lee, Outdoor Programs Instructor
Preview of Zen and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance.
Keep your warehouse in a Coda doc.
Perfect for ecommerce startups, this KPI warehouse doc works with Shopify and ShippingEasy to keep tabs on every stage of fulfillment and shipping.
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Wilson Silva, Analyst @ Bailey's Blossoms.
Preview of Keep your warehouse in a Coda doc.
Um, what's Coda?
Coda is a new doc for teams. Think of it like a cross between Google Docs and Excel, except you can build apps with it.
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