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Tommy Hung

Product Design @ Business Platform

🕵️‍♂️ Diving deep into research & understanding why.
👀 Exploring unknowns and edge cases while maintaining focus on timeline.
🤝 Working effectively with just about everyone.

🚒 I default to going 120% until I burn out, so I have to actively pace myself and manage my time.
🍖 Gluttony. I cannot resist delicious foods and drinks.

Favorite Coda Building Block:


I want to be a good at:
🖥️ Coding well enough to feel confident creating small things.
🥰 Creating polished interactions that delight users.

I don’t want to be good at:
👔 Focusing too much on business goals and forgetting to champion users.
🙃 Spending too much time on making a Coda doc powerful, for the sake of power.

Favorite part of the design process:
👀 When a real user tries out a design for the first time—especially if they do something unexpected.

GIF that describes your design process:

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