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Evan Brooks

Product designer, Doc Experience
Drawing out lots of different options quickly
Being thorough about edge cases

Naming my layers & organizing my Figma
Having "strategy” discussions in the abstract... I like staying tangible
Showing my work early enough

Favorite Coda Building Block:
Formulas; Formulas! Formulas. Formulas! Formulas? Formulas..

/ 10

I want to be good at:
Drawing out all the edge cases right from the beginning.
Understanding engineering tradeoffs & getting things shipped

I don’t want to be good at:
Illustrating, brand design, marketing

Favorite part of the design process:
I like working through the details of how one feature connects to another... the part after north start explorations, but before speccing tiny details
After it’s done and built, when I see a doc someone has made that uses the feature in a way I never expected. Does this count as part of the design process? I think so.

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