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Customer Service Manager job description template

Create and publish a job listing for customer service manager candidates.

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About the customer service manager role.

We’re looking for a Customer Service Manager to manage a team of Customer Service Representatives. This will include identifying and addressing coaching needs, motivating the team to achieving their goals, and hiring new employees. This role also provides support to the Customer Service Representatives in customer escalations. As the face of the organization to the team, the Customer Service Manager will be pushing everyone on the Customer Service team to achieve both production and personal goals.

Job responsibilities for customer service manager candidates.

Manage the Customer Service team, working with each team member to ensure they are achieving production goals on a weekly and monthly basis.
Oversee the hiring, coaching, training, and terminating of members of the Customer Service team.
Be the source of resiliency and support, helping the Customer Service Representatives with any escalations or issues that arise in conversations with customers.

Key skills customer service manager candidates should have.

At least 3 years of Customer Service experience.
Experience as a top performer in a customer service role, highlighting the importance of a good customer experience and the ability to answer any and all customer questions.
Management experience.
An experienced people manager, understanding the importance of motivating and coaching the team.
A passion for great customer service.
You can demonstrate knowledge and experience of hitting and surpassing assigned production goals.

Create the perfect job description with this template.

You want to put your company’s best foot forward, but scaling your recruiting process can be challenging, especially when you’re tasked with creating 100 different job descriptions. Let this template simplify your process. You don’t need to start from scratch! Need to make updates? Any changes made will automatically reflect in your published doc. And you can collect responses with a simple form, without having to toggle to another tool.

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1️⃣ Click the button below to get the template. 2️⃣ Customize the template with specifics about your company and job description. 3️⃣ Share the Coda doc with your recruiting team via email. 4️⃣ Create a separate Coda doc to store all the application responses. 5️⃣ Publish the doc, and share the URL with prospective customer service manager candidates.

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