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November/December 2021

New in November/December: Makers funded💰, doc list renno 🗂, mobile makeover✨ and more 🎉.
Packs to the future.
At Block Party, we announced the Coda Maker Fund - a $1 million dollar pool to empower makers with the resources to build the Packs of their dreams. Our has been announced, but we’re not done yet. The Maker Fund is still accepting from anyone looking to build and promote solutions on Coda.
Doc list wishlist.
Thanks to your latest wave of doc list feedback we’ve got some , we returned the “my shortcuts” shortcut to its original spot in the left nav, and you can (finally) without opening them.
Upwardly mobile.
Just in time for the end-of-year push, Coda’s mobile app got that includes full-screen dark mode, easier search, easier cursor selection, and a fix to make sure you stay logged-in for up to 30 days.
Small things considered.
🏎 Double click any cell in a column—no matter how far south of the header—and you’ll get a link to the column formula for quick editing.
🔎 Your doc list now keeps track of who’s copied your docs and when and whether they used the lead pipe in the conservatory. Okay, maybe not that last bit.
🔲 We tidied up the “new table” menu so recognizing and selecting a blank table is exactly as easy as it should be.
😎 Sometimes when you’re tracking created or modified dates the timestamp just gets in the way. This update lets you nix it from view.
👁 We’ve given item layouts the big picture treatment. After you open a modal that hovers over the page, view all the juicy details in full screen mode.
Watch and learn.
Level-up your Coda skills with the help of Maria & Rocky’s upcoming webinars. Browse our , or RSVP to one of these sessions:
- 12/13 @ 9am Pacific
- 12/13 @ 12pm Pacific
- 12/9 @ 12pm Pacific
Procrastination corner.
If isn’t an Olympic sport, what are we even doing anymore?

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