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May 2021

New in May: An updated toolbar 🤫, faster docs ⏭, controls for “copy doc” 🚫 and more 🎉.
Inline Toolbar Email.gif
Some of our favorite updates are the ones that make us more invisible. Our new contextual toolbar is smart enough to tuck away for a better view of your content, but is still right there when you need to change that font color on the double.

Partial Load.png
Load those docs 60% faster.
We’ll never stop solving for performance, and this latest roll out is pretty 😍-worthy. From now on, allowing you to get to work while the rest of the doc’s pages load in the background. Less time waiting, more time creating. Yes, please.

Disable doc copy.gif
Turn off “copy doc.”
Want to publish a doc without giving it up to the world? Just via a new setting in the “Share” dialog.
Small things considered.
🎉 Copy a table, copy its subtables: If you’re pro enough to be creating subtables within your tables, you’ll be psyched that now, anytime you duplicate a table, those subtables get duplicated too.
🤗 Share away: Using a keyboard to manage your doc’s share settings? We’ve made it even easier to navigate.
🦊 Drag cards between groups: Firefox users can now drag cards between groups without any hiccups.
🖨 Export with your cover photo: Now your doc’s header images will be included when exported to PDF, regardless of your other page settings.
🙌 Dragging images into a table usually worked, but we heard it was hit-or-miss. Now it’s a fully-functioning...function.
🔗 Click those hyperlinks: Links derived from formulas are now clickable—like, all of them.
Watch and learn.
Want to make the kinds of docs that will win friends and influence people? These can help:
on May 25th at 10am PT
on June 1st at 10am PT
Procrastination corner

Parking Lot Game.png
The spreadsheet: An informational powerhouse that can be used to coordinate and accomplish complex feats.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.