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March 2021

New in March: Dark mode, faster docs, Zapier integration improvements, and more.
Dark Mode Email.gif
Thirty-something years ago, we switched the interface of our digital documents from black to white because we thought computers mimicking actual paper would be friendlier. But as many of you have told us, sometimes that crisp white page can a bit much for . Luckily, the dark mode beta is here.

Performance Improvements 3.png
Better, faster, stronger docs.
We are taking every opportunity we can to . In the past month, we optimized several doc elements, like column types and controls, so that they take up less space, speed up doc load times, and let you do more with a single API call. And we focused on how and when your docs make calculations, so that you can access your content and take action faster than ever before.

Modify Row Zap.png
Do more with Zapier + Coda.
You already use , from Gmail to GitHub to Intercom. These Zaps previously triggered when a new row is added to a table, but we heard your request to improve this integration. As of today, your Zaps will also trigger when a row is updated. We hope this makes your workflows that much easier!
All the small things
🛠 We’re redesigning Coda’s doc header and toolbar. ?
😮 Last month: Embed PDFs! This month: !
🚨 !
Reverse the order of a table or list with the reverse list formula.
Select a random item from an array or add a random integer to a table with RandomItem() and RandomInteger() formulas.
👀 We’ve seen your detail view workarounds, like a button to increase or decrease sort positions. And we’re rewarding your creativity with the ability to .
🍽 Table names are in the table options menu.
🤹🏼‍♀️ Quickly , or add one directly by typing /board on any page.
🙌 We’ve to the duplicate page feature, which retrieves and stores newly created page URLs in a column of your choosing.
Watch and learn
April is chock-full of Coda edutainment. Browse our , or RSVP to an upcoming session:
on April 6th at 10am PT
on April 9th at 9am PT
on April 12th at 9am PT
on April 13th at 10am PT
on April 20th at 10am PT
on April 27th at 10am PT
Procrastination corner
Neighborhood Coding Language.gif
This tweet had us at cell-based programming. for more fun examples.
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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