The Coda Growth Squad

Tanvir Kaur

Growth Associate, Growth Marketing
I love to make:
Flower arrangements
Vegetarian dishes
I collaborate best when:
I’m in a peaceful, conducive environment- preferably one with a whiteboard
I’m working with energetic people
I’m always excited to share:
My sun, moon, and rising signs
Highly specific Spotify playlists
This year, I want to discover:
New books (send me recs!)
Watercolor painting as a hobby
My favorite Coda building block:
Sentiment trackers! Its a perfect visually clear way to collect data:
My favorite published doc:
I’m going to toot my own horn a bit here (📯) but one of my first docs was this ingredient substitution tracker that I’d recommend to anyone that has dietary restrictions or is cooking for someone who does!
GIF that describes my process:
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