Strategy, Operations, & Data Science

Meet the people drawing the map for Coda's growth
Our team takes the broad vision of what “growth” means for Coda and distills it into a concrete goals and a plan of action.
Establish key metrics and targets to chart a path for Coda’s growth to a world-class SaaS company
Build an understanding of growth drivers and how to accelerate them through data and experimentation
Implement tools and processes that empower our growth engine to operate at maximum speed
Deliver data driven, actionable insight that helps us make decisions, through deep analyses and creating data tools to enable product understanding
Our Values
Strong Opinions, Weakly Held
Strategic decisions are made thoughtfully and executed swiftly, but with the understanding that a better path forward may open up. We remain open to being proven wrong and will quickly pivot away from something that’s not working.
We delight inーand drive withーdata
We seek to support our decisions with data vs. gut, and are driven to understand how our undertakings can quantitatively impact Coda’s growth. In telling Coda’s story through data, we aim to facilitate understanding not only within the team but across the company.
Lean in to leverage
We find the efficient 20% effort that gets us 80% of the way there. We focus on the ventures that will move the needle. Wherever possible, we leverage the resources and tools we have (like Coda!) to try to build before we buy.
Stats ‘n’ Stories
📈 Stats + 📚 Stories = 🤯 Insight
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Metricizing Key Results
Crafting clear, measurable results
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Coda Galaxy Charts.png
Galaxy Charts
How different teams use Coda
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The Growth Strategy, Operations, & Data Science Team
Operations ⚙️
Go-to-Market Operations Lead
Meet Nicholas
Go-to-Market & Sales Ops
Meet Ryan
Growth Associate
Meet Chris
Data Science 🔬
Data Science
Meet Ankur
Data Science
Meet Charlotte
Data Science
Meet Ori
Data Science
Meet Sohan

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