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Meet the people sharing Coda's story with the world
Our growing team is chartered with making the world aware of and interested in Coda. We’re a team that loves to brainstorm; find us spinning up new tactics, tagline, and channels to build awareness of Coda’s brand and grow our maker community.
Drive competitive solutions through multi-channel, maker-centric campaigns
Build strategic partnerships to strengthen our ecosystem
Establish evergreen marketing engines to grow Coda’s authority on the web, media, and user communities
Cultivate a unique and differentiated brand, allowing Coda to stand out in a sea of productivity SaaS
Our Values
When Makers win, we win.
Coda's story is the story of people who make in Codaーthat includes internal and external users, paying and non-paying customers and the Makers who have yet to unlock their potential in Coda. This is a value we can use as an evaluation mechanism for all we do: Does this help Makers win?
It starts with the story.
Story-telling is an endemic value of teams like ours, but given the rate at which Coda produces new features and products, it is especially important for us to be mindful not to fall into the trap of just saying "We did X," but to tell the story of X.
We're also the Storytellers for our internal teammates; it's on us to facilitate comprehensive, motivating communication loops throughout Coda and to inspire others to follow suit.
We chart the uncharted.
Proactivity is our calling card, and one of our greatest assets is thinking several steps ahead for our business vs. launch-to-launch, campaign-to-campaign.
We shape our future by checking-in with each other, being courageous experimenters, and interrogating our balance of right v. familiar.
Thoughtful collaboration, consistent communication and being the rallying cry for Coda will bring the whole team into the future with us.
A few of our greatest hits
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The SPMB Team
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