The Coda Growth Squad


Solutions Architect, Marketing
I love to make:
Digital photo books
Yummy food and drinks to share with others
I collaborate best when:
We’re in real-life/’live’ video working sessions and there’s something to scribble ideas on
I have popcorn, a milk tea, coffee, or some other caffeinated drink in hand
I’m always excited to share:
Tips, ideas, and solutions help people become more organized and productive
A coffee in exchange for an engaging conversation
This year, I want to discover:
Assuming we’ll still be in partial lockdown:
Digital art portrait drawing
Digital music sampling & composition
My favorite Coda building block: Reactions!
Because any opportunities we have to get people to reflect and respond brings content alive and connects people with one another.
facebook-like reaction, you have not reacted
filled-like reaction, you have not reacted
My favorite published doc:
GIFs that describe my process:
I like to have a plan, even if it’s not fool-proof
Often, this will include a Plan B (and C) in case things don’t go as expected

Then, I rally the right people, communicate the plan, and work with them to get things done
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