The Coda Growth Squad


Communications, Product & Corp. Marketing
I love to make:
Food of all kindsーsimple savory dishes, elaborate baked goods and everything in between
Time for creativityーwhether that’s taking a writing class, doing a simple craft with friends or coming up with ridiculous games to play
I collaborate best when:
It’s the morning ☕ 😆
Brainstorming is a game! 🧠 ⛈️
Expectations and ownership are crystal clear 🔮 👌
I’m always excited to share:
My baked goods
The excitement when others on my team get big wins
Tips for camping or home entertainment (when we can do that again...)
This year, I want to discover:
How to make kouign amann
My next favorite book
More uses for a quiz schema like my doc
My favorite Coda building block:
Tables and views - it has made my job so much easier and saves me endless time that would otherwise be spent copying and pasting or hunting for stale data.
My favorite published doc:
Laura’s doc. The Madlibs section is so helpful when making important naming decisions, and it’s what the team used to come up with the name “Coda”!
GIF that describes my process:


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