The Coda Growth Squad

Lucas Bunzel

Business Marketing Lead
I love to make:
Food. Signature dish is mushroom risotto with seared scallops!
Travel plans in nature, especially destinations to go for a swim.
I collaborate best when:
When we’ve taken the time to form POV or come ready with a set of recommendations to discuss
We can whiteboard and collaborate (in-person when possible)
I’m always excited to share:
Cycling routes in Marin county
A new recipe I’ve tried in the kitchen
This year, I want to discover:
Cross-country skiing
More mountain biking trails in Tahoe
My favorite Coda building block:
Tables! Especially interactive ones like Dory!
Notes & Replies
Why are we doing it this way?
It’s a new process but it’s faster than the previous way we used to handle it (by 25%).
Can we make this meeting longer?
We tried that already and we didn’t accomplish anything more.
There are no rows in this table

My favorite published doc:
As a LinkedIn alumni, I’ve always been a huge fan of Reid Hoffman. Reid’s Coda doc on Rituals of Great Boards was one I read during the decision making process to join Coda. Not only was it great content, but showed me some cool features of Coda docs!
GIF that describes my process:

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