The Coda Growth Squad

Kyleigh Johnson

Support Lead, Customer Champions
I love to make:
Friends & postcards for my friends 📮
Embroidered things & paintings. 🎨
Red Curry based soups & yummy dinners in general 🍛
I collaborate best when:
I know why you are coming to me for help. (e.g. to break something down in to logical blocks, to decide on next steps)
We can brainstorm face to face and talk things through
Theres a way to whiteboard & visualize our work
I’m always excited to share:
Wisdom (from others and self)
This year, I want to discover:
How to have long hair
How to be a Californian
How to rock climb
My favorite Coda building block:
Buttons & Controls
My favorite published doc:
GIF that describes my process:
but also
and kind of

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