The Coda Growth Squad

Katy Turner

Enterprise Customer Success
I love to make:
✈️ Itineraries: I love to organize the group’s camping or travel plans.
🧩 Jigsaw puzzles: truly the best form of relaxation.
🙏 Friends: in Austin, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.
I collaborate best when:
💭 There’s room to work independently, but then come together for a productive dialogue.
💡 It’s a safe environment to share ideas and nobody feels 100% tied to their own.
☕ I’ve had coffee and it’s before 4pm/5pm.
I’m always excited to share:
📖 Book lists: tell me what you’re reading!
🎡 London, Austin recommendations: I am borderline overbearing with my desire to share my favorites.
🥾 Hiking and camping tips: there’s so many places yet to explore!
🎶 Playlists: this will be largely one-way sharing (from you to me), as my friends generally have a better taste in music. 😂
This year, I want to discover:
🛫 (Re-discover) International travel: getting back on a plane will be an adjustment!
💥 Everything Coda docs can do!
My favorite Coda building block:
Tables and views. With tables that talk to each other, and views to let people visualize the same data in their own preferred way, you can finally maintain a single source of truth for your team, your family or your friend group.
My favorite published doc:
GIF that describes my process:
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