The Coda Growth Squad

Hannah Rochau

Solutions Architect (Implementation), Solutions
I love to make:
Thematic playlists 🎧
Coda docs! 📑
Music ー I am a (rusty) classically trained singer; dabble in piano, guitar, and oboe 🎵
Various arts (acrylic painting is my favorite, but also watercolor and paper crafts) 🎨
I collaborate best when:
I’ve had time to pre-read and think about the topic at hand
Expectations around goals and roles are clear
Before 3 PM or so PST (I’m EST 😅)
I’m always excited to share:
Yoga practices/fun facts
Pictures of my pets
This year, I want to discover:
Parenthood! My husband and I are expecting our first child in June 👶
Better time management habits 🕒
My favorite Coda building block:
and formulas!
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My favorite published doc:
Is it cheating to have two?
Codanames, which I published, was really fun to build!
I’m also a big fan of Shishir’s To-Do List Philosophy. I am constantly trying to refine, improve, and at times entirely redefine my approach to work, and I appreciate the clear framing of one way to do this.

GIF that describes my process:
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