The Coda Growth Squad

Evan Davies

Head of SPMB
I love to make:
🎹 🎸 🎺 🎧 Music! Indie electronic stuff in my (small) home studio.
👨‍🍳 I am a huge fan of cooking. A huge non-fan of cleaning. Not a winning combo.
I collaborate best when:
☕ There’s coffee and it’s after 11am.
🤔 When there’s space to process, space to brainstorm, and time to set a next step.
I’m always excited to share:
📄 Doc building skillz! I was a Coda n00b once before; I feel the power now and excited to share!
🎵 Songz. I love trading tracks with friends.
This year, I want to discover:
💿 How to build my personal social media profile 😬
🏠 How to buy a house!
My favorite Coda building block:
are my
love language.
My favorite published doc:
with my friends during the final season of Game of Thrones and it was... hilarious.
GIF that describes my process:
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