The Coda Growth Squad

Eric Koleda

Developer Advocate, Partnerships
I love to make:
Meals for my family, usually with the following constraints:
The ingredients must be available at Trader Joe’s
It can be prepared within 30 minutes
My kids will eat at least something
Scripts and automations that simplify my life
I collaborate best when:
I have time to form opinions offline
People give me direct feedback
I’m always excited to share:
Photos of my kids
Recent stories I heard on NPR
This year, I want to discover:
A way to lose 5lbs without a radical change to my routine.
My favorite Coda building block:
Reactions! Such a simple, visual way to communicate how people feel and spark conversations.
Reactions are:
fire-element reaction, you have not reacted
My favorite published doc:
So far it would have to be . I like to think I am good at focusing a conversation, but this model and method for cutting to the heart of the matter is incredibly comprehensive and exciting.
GIF that describes my process:
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