The Coda Growth Squad

Andrew Stinger

Lead, Product & Corporate Marketing
I love to make:
Playlists for all occasions
A good ol’ project work back (yes, even in my personal life)
Narratives & assets that highlight the awesome value of Coda
I collaborate best when:
I’ve had at least one cup of coffee
We break the ice a little at first, and then dig in to the work
We give ourselves time to think quietly before jumping into solutions
I’m always excited to share:
Stories about the magic of great products
Kudos for my teammates’ jobs well done
This year, I want to discover:
A meditation practice
New bands via their in-person, live shows
My favorite Coda building block:
Tables & Views that “talk” to each other!
Tables Views Green.gif
My favorite published doc:
Is it cheating if it’s mine? Who cares! Anyone can publish on Coda! 🥳
GIF that describes my process
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