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Engineering at Coda


How we work and have fun doing it.
We value your time.
We believe in doing the work — we cannot achieve results if everyone is in meetings all day talking about having more meetings. In fact, we make it a point to have "No Meeting Wednesdays!" We believe in our Codan's maker capabilities, which means we support when it's needed but give you the autonomy and space to efficiently solve problems. There is no purpose in having endless meetings that take away from our Codan's abilities to solve problems. When we are apart, we balance speed and quality to get the work done — and when we come together, we build solutions.
We have fun, make jokes, write poems on pull requests...
Codans are a diverse bunch with a plethora of amazing backgrounds; we all learn and grow together. Our diversity and inclusion team welcomes active participants to work together to understand each other and connect team members with each other. We love our weekly social hour, play fun games, learn a skill or do a virtual escape room! Pets are welcome visitors (lovely distractions) on screens, and we allow traveling to in-office locations at least 4 times a year to meet up with coworkers in-person.

a couple PR poems
We welcome ingenuity and champion initiative.
Structurally, our team hierarchy is flat, our roles are clear — we have sought to maximize effectiveness and performance. As an increasingly growing distributed team in different time zones, states, and countries, we understand the complexities that come with that reality and the flexibility Codans need. We have an emphasis on shipping quality code quickly and biasing towards action wherever we find something that can be improved.
We pride ourselves on our resourcefulness. Growth cannot be reached if we continue to do things simply because it's always been done that way.
We prototype — the ‘Coda Way.’
Learning and teaching are fundamental to how we grow.
We take the pressure out of traditional by ramping up the joy of building to create. Held quarterly, Hackathons give Codans the space to develop something new with other team members and without the expectation that the work may be going live. Sometimes, we get cool features and projects, and other times, an amazing to-do list that is published in our Gallery.
In addition to Hackathons, we ask Codans to pick the features they would like to build and launch in our Shipathons. We hold regular 'Brown Bag' lunches. And subject matter experts frequently hold teaching sessions allows Codans to flex their skills.

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