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Twenty-five people attended our March 23, 2024, Educational Home Assessment tour with Captain Traviss Crumpacker of El Cerrito-Kensington Fire Department. We learned about home hardening by using three resident’s homes on Kensington Road as examples. We also toured one of the emergency evacuation exits on Kensington Road that allow passage to the UUCB Church parking area. We got a chance to meet Captain Tom Peters who will soon be increasing his time with fire prevention activities.
55 PEOPLE ATTENDED OUR WALKING TOUR OF WILDCAT FIREWISE ON SEPTEMBER 9TH. This included 4 officers from El Cerrito-Kensington Fire along with fire trucks positioned throughout our community! in addition Johnny Valenzuela and Larry Nagle of Kensington Fire joined us. We checked out possible emergency evacuation routes, examined hazards in Wildcat Canyon and around our homes and in the PGE easement that was the site of the August 8th grass fire.
2nd MEASURE X CHIPPING DAY—March 11, 2024 Funded by Measure X for Wildcat Firewise Community, for fuel reduction, small tree limbing, chipping and more. Our beautiful neighborhood has much in common with the major factors that the press has been emphasizing went wrong in Maui—extremely poor evacuation options, most homes are not hardened and the vast amounts of flammable foliage that surrounds our homes and is just behind us in Wildcat.
CRUCIAL: HELP! Alan Siegel has submitted multiple funding requests for Measure X for Wildcat Firewise. “Our second request has been approved! Try to be the block that receives the most money and there is plenty of funding for Measure X. With community participation, Measure X funds may be applied for FREE clearing and chipping around homes, weed whacking, tree limbing, small tree cutting, leaf and green waste removal and brush cutting. PLEASE EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU CAN HELP. We need active and coordinated neighbor participation. Please use my alternate email for your reply: f you want to volunteer.

Do something to make your house and our neighborhood safer today!
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