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Mindjoy Mission & Values

Our Mission:
About us
We’re working towards building joyful learning communities where children can learn to love learning and flourish, through providing children with live online sessions that connect real-world learning with learning outcomes. We think that creating contexts where kids can learn socially through virtual projects is a high leverage opportunity that technology enables.
Learning is something most people do best with others, but a challenge is that each person learns differently and has different preferences. Online learning provides us with a way to connect children easily with others who share learning interests and are at a similar level.
Developing a life-long love of learning is a critical future skill, enabling people to be resilient and agile as well as increase self-reliance in a rapidly changing world. Having experiences in which we experience what it means to be seen and heard, in other words taken seriously and respected, are core to developing resilient children.
Our goal is to create magical learning moments. These are moments when a child;

1. is motivated and chooses to persevere through something challenging
2. completes/makes/does something they didn’t think they could
3. has an “aha” or “wow” experience where they surprise themselves/ discovers something new about the world.
Mindjoy’s Pedagogy
creates experiences that are joyful and lead to the discovery of the self,
helps children discover themselves and find meaning in what they are doing or learning,
makes use of active, engaged, hand-on/minds-on thinking,
as well as iterative thinking (experimentation, hypothesis testing, etc.), and
is socially interactive.
These five characteristics draw on evidence for how children learn best and how to foster a lifelong learning mindset.

We work from a place of respect. Our job as Mindjoy is to motivate children through helping them to experience success/ a win. Experiencing success is essential to children developing confidence.
We embrace struggle and support children in knowing that they have the capacity to problem solve and work collaboratively.

Our Values:
Our Aspiration: Create a world where kids anywhere can attend live virtual classes that inspire lifelong learning. We aspire to connect kids' interest to measurable skills that develop self-reliance & social-cohesion- the ability to live in harmony with others. We believe this is important so that all children have the necessary foundational experiences to live a good life.
❤️ Sawubona
Sawubona is the Zulu word for hello. It is a greeting with powerful intention behind the word
because Sawubona literally means “I see you and by seeing you I bring you into being.” Everyone at Mindjoy strives cultivate respect for the self, respect for others and respect for the projects we work on. What this means is showing up as a team player and treating others the way you wish to treated.
😊 Bring out the joy
Learning should be a joyful process. We build to make the world better for kids.The culture we co-create with our teammates, partners and all other stakeholders. We choose to focus on fewer things — so we can deliver high-quality experiences that accelerate positive measurable learning.
👩‍🏫 Live & breathe learners
We deeply understand and respect kids. We leverage insights, research, and experience to create content, products, services, and experiences that are trusted and loved but also create profound experiences for children in ways that develop life long capacities.
💡 Soft on people, hard on Ideas
We embrace a diversity of voices, perspectives and life experiences leading to stronger, more inclusive teams and better outcomes. As individuals, we commit to bringing up tough topics and leaning into different points of view with curiosity. We avoid judging people, instead we are rigorous about thinking processes and ideas. We isten, learn and collaborate to gain a shared understanding. When a decision is made, we commit to moving forward as a united team always remembering that feedback is information, not judgement, we don’t always have to agree but we always treat each other with respect.
🧠 Cultivate learning mindset
We constantly learn and teach to improve our offerings, ourselves, and our organisation in a way that embodies a growth mindset. We learn from our mistakes and aren’t afraid to fail. We don't let past failures or successes stop us from taking future bold action and achieving our goals.
🌱 Work responsibly and sustainably
We take ownership of putting in the time to make good decisions and set realistic timelines that focus on short term efficient short term execution that also links to the bigger picture.
💪Take a stand
We have conviction in our aspirational point of view of how education will evolve. The work we do is in service to moving towards that point of view. However, we also listen, learn and flex in the face of new data, and commit to evolving this point of view as the industry and our customers evolve.

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