Tips for making an awesome Demo Session

Things we are looking out for:
Energy / presence: We want to make learning FUN and engaging for kids, so keep this in mind in how you facilitate and engage. We are looking for coaches with an energy and presence that keeps kids engaged and has a positive, energetic tone. Ideally, we want to see your face, too!
Comfort with tech: We want to see how comfortable you are in using computers and technology, so please use digital tools for your explainer. We recommend that you use
to record your video but you can also use other tools. As an example, here’s an , the IDE where we code :)
Communication: We are looking at how you explain things in a concise, clear and easy-to-understand manner. Remember, kids gets bored with long, complicated explanations. Can explain concepts in a variety of ways.
Skilled pedagogue: Using various tools and techniques that encourages and motivates learners. We want to see you using different techniques to ensure understanding and mastery.
Resourceful: Can think on their feet, improvise, or develop a plan when things don't go as planned. Comfortable with problem-solving and finding creative ways and resources for facilitating.
Empathetic / listening skills: Let kids speak and seek to understand their viewpoints and encourage them to articulate their thinking and support them in making relevant connections.
Curiosity: Understands that learning can look different for different kids. Is curious in understanding how things work, asks questions and understands how to act on curiosity. Can model this for kids.
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