What is Mindjoy?

We’re working towards building joyful learning communities where kids ages 8-13 learn to love learning through live virtual classes that connect real-world learning with learning outcomes. Our current focus is on coding.

Learning is something most people do best with others, a challenge is that but each person learns differently and has different preferences, online learning provides us with a way to connect children easily with others who are 1. motivated in learning things that they are interested in and 2. learn in a similar style and 3. are at a similar level.

Developing a life-long love of learning is a critical skill future skill enabling people to be resilient and agile as well as increase self-reliance in a rapidly changing world. Having experiences in which we experience what it means to be seen and heard, in other words taken seriously and respected, our core to developing resilient children.

Our goal is to create magical learning moments. These are moments when a child;

to persevere through something challenging


2. completes/makes/does
something they didn’t think they could


has an “aha” or “wow” experience
where they surprise themselves
/ discovers something new about the world.

Mindjoy’s Pedagogy

creates experiences that are
lead to the discovery of the self
helps children discover themselves and find
in what they are doing or learning,
makes use of
, hand-on/minds-on thinking,
as well as
thinking (experimentation, hypothesis testing, etc.), and
socially interactive

These five characteristics draw on evidence for how children learn best and how to foster a lifelong learning mindset.

We work from a place of respect. Our job as Mindjoy is to motivate children through helping them to experience success/ a win. Experiencing success is essential to children developing confidence.

We embrace struggle and support children in knowing that they have the capacity to problem solve and work collaboratively.

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