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Memory: track your reading backlog, highlight and remember

Idea: "Memory"

Problem Statement: Don’t want notes or highlights to “collect dust” (not be re-visited at all). So how do we store notes and other information in such a way that they can be re-surfaced for the longer term goal of retaining valuable and insightful information?
JTBD: Retain insightful information forever
Thesis: retaining insightful information is currently a job that relies on multiple components and these components are currently scattered across too many different tools (readwise, pocket, kindle library/pocket reader, etc.) ー bundling them together would yield superior value for the end user relative to the current siloed tools.
Think of it as a funnel...
Top of funnel:
store new articles that haven’t been read yet
queue or table style functionality
Pocket does this now
Middle funnel:
reading through them with notes and highlights
Readwise does this with the highlights
puts highlights into email newsletter that you send to yourself
but what about exportation or sharing of content?

End of funnel:
transition to knowledge retaining / archive functionality
How to retain and remember?
Anki / other spaced repetition or flashcard tools
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