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Bring project ideation and tracking together with the Jira Pack.

Hi there! 👋 I’m
@Zac Ooi
, a Product Specialist at Coda, where we’re working on making docs as powerful as apps. Our customers love using Coda to do product planning, taking advantage of views to eliminate copy and pasting, reactions to gauge when folks have finished reading
checkmark reaction, you have not reacted
and using rich published docs like these to get started sooner. Naturally, they also want to use Coda in concert with other important tools like Jira. So I made this template to show how you might go about using both effectively.
Note that the Jira Pack is only available on the Team plan. To upgrade to the team tier, check out our !
How to use this doc
This doc illustrates how to use Coda and Jira in a product planning process.
Use the page to kickstart the ideation and discussion process.
Then use the Jira Pack on the page to seamlessly two way sync and edit issues in Jira.

Start by
copying this doc
, which includes the . From there, you can through the and pages, filling in your project proposal before turning it into concrete work items in Jira.

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