Video Ads - Wool vs Cotton

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Hook #1:
To Camera: Tired of feeling drenched in sweat all summer?

Hook #2:
To Camera: Tired of sweat-soaked, smelly cotton tees?

Hook #3:
Voiceover: Your cotton tee absorbs sweat and stinks. Woolx repels moisture and odors.
Hook #1
Water thrown on Nicole or Jenny

Hook #2
Nicole or Jenny talking in soaked cotton tee
Nicole or Jenny dry in Mia
Talking to camera

Hook #3
Cotton sinking, Woolx floating (already have)
Water dropper up close merino / cotton
A - Hooks
Hook #1
Nicole getting drenched / transition to her talking saying the hook
Hook #2
3 way split screen bottom left soaked, Botton right not soaked, top half Talking head
Hook #3:
split screen of cotton tee sinking & merino shirt floating
Intention / Problem
No one wants to feel sticky, wet and covered in sweat on these hot summer days

This is your cotton tee… and THIS is how it handles water.

You are practically wearing a sweat blanket
Close-up of Nicole or Jenny, drenched.
Up close of dropping cotton in water sinking
Wring out water in cotton tee
Wring out almost no water in merino tee
Throwing cotton tee on ground dramatic slap

B - Cotton Tee Soaked
Broll shots
Side by side split screen of dry Woolx & cotton wet shirt
Solution Discovery
To Camera: Now THIS is Woolx. See how the cotton tee absorbs all the water.
While the Woolx tee repels water, staying lightweight and dry.

Cotton gets drenched and stays wet for hours.

While Woolx absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling wet and it dries quickly

Goodbye to sitting in your sweat
Goodbye to sticky smelly shirts
Woolx tee floating top of water
Talking while demoing the Woolx on water
More shots of cotton drenched
Shot of pit stain upclose (or other showing sticky hot cotton shirt being worn)
Shot of cotton shirt sweaty and sticking / peeling off skin
Someone looks at you and makes a gross face / waves hand (stinky)
C - Woolx Discovery
split screen of cotton tee sinking & merino shirt floating
Real-Life Pay-Off
Next time you’re hiking, playing with your kids outside or just enjoying a nice day out under the sun, wear Woolx and stop worrying about your clothing weighing you down.

The best part is Woolx also dries up to 10x (alt: or way faster) faster than cotton and you can also wear it multiple days without washing

Woolx is made from ethically sourced Merino Wool, all of our pieces handle water like a pro, it keeps you cool on the hottest days AND takes up WAY less space than your other clothes
Existing outdoors / hiking broll
Time lapse of cotton tee drying and merino tee drying
Putting Woolx tee away in closet
Grabbing the same Woolx tee from hanging in closet in morning
Upclose fabric shot
Wringing out almost no water from shirt
Hiking outside on hot day broll
Close up of rolling/folding cotton tee vs Merino tee
Looking happy wearing shirt
D - Real-Life Pay-Off
To Camera:
Stop settling for less… Stay dry, comfortable, and ready for anything. Order your Woolx tee today and beat the summer heat. Don't miss out!
Talking to camera in front of the buckets of cotton at bottom of bucket and Woolx tee at top
E - CTA / Outro Card
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