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馃憢 Hello!

I鈥檓 Yudhanjaya Wijeratne (@yudhanjaya).
I鈥檓 a writer, data scientist, general tinkerer. I do a bunch of stuff. I write novels (very SFF!), design games and futures, and do investigative data journalism. For more information and contact points, see .
The Stack
These are projects that I鈥檓 working on right now. Sometimes these are simple experiments; sometimes they鈥檙e perpetual residents of the top of my mind.
Each has its own structure.
A novel about music and the people who make it.
My move to Kandy, Sri Lanka. Building a home (including experimenting with earthbags), living sustainably, farming.
A factchecker, community tech-builder, problem-solver.
A novel over email. About a Kafkaesque, near-future Sri Lanka, about a bunch of superpowered rebels trying to overthrow the government, and about the stupidity of it all.
Things that I鈥檓 done with show up in .
Sketch of a spaceship in a bottle. Generated with Stable Diffusion. Coincidentally, also a way of letting me know when my stack runneth over.
The Showcase
These are things that I鈥檝e made that I鈥檓 proud of, and would like to show you!
A dark, Wittgensteinian novel about AI, written with AI.
Retraining GPT-117M to write Tang Dynasty poetry, going to the Moon (literally).

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