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Branding Brief Onki

Company & Product
Who are the members of the company?
Young & creative team passionate about creating games
Location of the company?
What is the core benefit / how it makes the customer lives better?
To have fun and good time with games for everyone
How is it different from competitors?
We attach more importance to design and idea than other hyper casual game developers
If this business was a person you just met, how would you describe them? (Top 10 adjectives)
- Creative
- Young
- Sociable
- Joyful
- Vibrant
- Analytical
- Solution focused
- Realistic dreamer
- Passionate
- Up-to-date
What was the motivation to start the business?
We want to make beautiful games that appeal to everyone
What are the company’s long term goals?
We are making hyper casual games for now, but we are planning to make casual mobile games and publish games.
What are the competing brands?
- Voodoo
- Ketchapp
- Supersonic
- Lion Studios
- CrazyLabs
- Rollic
- Bigger Games
- Tiplay Studio

Relevant demographics (Age, Gender, etc.)?
Everyone with a mobile phone
Income source and levels?
From ads and in-app sales
How we talk to them (style/tone of voice)?
Casual / relatable tone of voice.
Where we can find them ?
ONLINE - From another Hyper Casual games, Social Media
What need does the audience have?
To have fun and good time

What is the brand name (company or product name)?
Onki: a slightly modified version of the twelve (on iki) in turkmen language.

Twelve is approximately the number of full lunations of the moon in a year, and the number of years for a full cycle of Jupiter, historically considered to be the brightest "wandering star". It is central to many systems of timekeeping, including the Western calendar and units of time of day, and frequently appears in the world's major religions.

Is the brand traditional or modern?
Modern: young

Is the brand friendly or corporate?
Friendly 👭

Is the brand high-end or cost effective?
Cost effective 💸

What attributes (3) should the audience feel what they look at the new logo
It can recall game, number 12, maybe game console
Are there any restrictions for the new identity, such as colors, fonts, etc.?
No restrictions
Are there any preferences for colors or other design elements?
For color: Not bright vibrant colors like orange etc.
For fonts: Preferably San Serif font
What logos of other companies are liked and relevant to this branding exercise
- Nintendo Switch
- Supercell
- Supersonic
- Eleven Studio (
Where will the new identity be used primarily?
Mobile Game
Mostly in digital


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