Advantages And Disadvantages of Silica Fume in Concrete

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What is Silica Fume?

Prior to jumping into the benefits and disservices of silica fume in concrete, we should have a concise survey of what silica rage is. Silica fume or is a pozzolanic material that looks like fly cinders or Portland concrete for all intents and purposes. Silica fume itself comprises non-glasslike or undefined Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), with particles that are multiple times less than a standard concrete molecule.

Advantages of Silica Fume

Because of its properties, silica smolder is broadly utilized all over the planet where expanded strength and sturdiness of cement are required. Silica fume is accessible from providers like and can be effectively added during the substantial creation cycle to work on the attributes of both new and hard concrete.
It gives a high early compressive strength of cement.
Further developed sulfate opposition.
Further developed solidness in geothermal conditions.
Consolidated silica fume has a prevalent obstruction limit against compound assault from chlorides, acids, nitrates, and sulfates.
It gives high electrical resistivity and low penetrability.
Silica fume produces unrivaled shotcrete. It invigorates more noteworthy holding and guarantees extraordinary execution of both wet and dry course of shotcreting.
Silica fume can diminish the pinnacle temperature accomplished during the relieving response of epoxy tar. Likewise, it diminishes the shrinkage rate and direct extension coefficient in hardened concrete, in this way decreasing the inside pressure and forestalling breaking.

Disadvantages of Silica Fume in Concrete

The expense of silica rage is high.
Require more water to keep a steady downturn.
Unfortunate toughness against freeze-defrost assault.
Accessibility issues.
SF is excessively gooey and challenging to apply.

Applications of Silica Fume in Concrete

Elevated structure.
Dam structures.
Span structures.
Where opposition against compound assault is required.
Precast cement


The utilization of leads to various cement with various properties which can be utilized in new as well as in the solidified state with less concrete. Silica rage gives high sturdiness to the substantial. While on one side there are benefits related to it, there are not many hardships in that frame of mind of disservices excessively related to work with silica rage. In this manner, the use of water-diminishing admixtures or high-reach water-lessening admixtures or both is prescribed to keep up with the ideal w/c proportion as well as functionality as the expansion of silica rage increments water interest.
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