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EFW Formulas
The table below is from JUM: . The reference numbers next to the authors in the table are from that article.
EFW from raw values
No single formula for estimating fetal weight (EFW) has achieved accuracy across all gestational ages and populations to enable a recommendation to be made. However, the Hadlock C (1984) multiparameter formula (HC, BPD, AC, FL) is the most widely used formula in current practice (precision within 10-15% of EFW) for fetal weights between 1000-4000g. The range of error increases outside these margins and deserve mention in the report. Separate formulas for very low birth weight infants may be considered depending on the clinical situation. For internal consistency, the Hadlock C formula should be used if the Hadlock EFW chart is used for plotting fetal weight. .
1.335-0.0034*AC*FL+ 0.0316*BPD+0.0457*AC +0.1623*FL
FMF Centiles Calculator
Fetal Medicine Foundation: Foetal growth and actual birthweight centile

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