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The Worldwide Al Hackathon 2023 is a premier event co-hosted by Wow AI, Transatlantic AI eXchange, and other members of the AI community as part of WowDAO, the first decentralized autonomous organization for the AI community.
The hackathon brings together talented teams of students from top universities, AI enthusiasts from global corporations as well as AI startup founders to compete in challenges designed by leading AI Executives, Directors, Vice presidents, and senior Managers from 30+ tech giants and large corporations. These companies include Google, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, Mastercard, Samsung, Oxford, Stanford, Deloitte, Accenture, Meta, Walmart, and many others.
Our mission is to empower Al talents by challenging them to solve real-world problems and encouraging them to turn their ideas into complete products and commercialize them.
This event marks the first step in the development of WowDAO, which aims to serve as a decentralized autonomous organization for the entire AI community.
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👉 Follow this Guide to form a team and find your mentor
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Discovery your Eligibility and Timeline 👉
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Tentative competition
Familiarizing yourself with the challenges, scoring, and submission criteria to support contestants, the information is here 👉
→ 😉 First of all, please welcome all of our incredible judges and mentors. See

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