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My Tenants

👋 Welcome to your tenant page!

We think about our tenants as guests and we are the hosts of a great party 🎉. Treating your tenants as your long-term guests pays off in the long-term (literally!).
Tenants help you take care of your home by making sure it’s always in tip-top shape and letting you know when things need to be fixed. Getting a call about a leaky faucet is not a bad thing, it’s actually the best thing that could happen. As annoying as it can be to fix the leak, having your tenants warn you of issues early on can help you avoid a bigger problem down the road. Imagine a leaky faucet turns into moldy drywall. Yuk 😷!
While you focus on the party 🎊 and making sure your loud uncle doesn’t get out of hand (every family has that uncle!), we will help you take care of everything in the backend. We will help you with:
👉 Tracking tenant information: store tenants’ information that is relevant to you.
👉 Configure payment amounts: specify rent amounts and utility split percentage to split utilities between your tenants.
💪 Pro Tip – You can collapse the above content if it's in the way! Nice, eh!
➕ Add New Tenant
Add a new tenant to your rental property.
New Tenant
⚙️ Configure Incoming Rent
Rental income can be automatically recorded in Incoming Payments on a specific date of the month.
Record Rental Income Date:
day of the month.
📝 Tenant Information
Edit information about your existing tenants.
Cathy Mitchell
Lora Doe
First Name
Last Name
Monthly Rent
Rental income is auto added to your incoming payments each month.
Utility Split
You can split utility expenses between tenants using this amount.

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