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Get Started

Expand the section below that best matches your interest and follow the steps to get set up.
You can delete this page if you no longer need it.
Video Tutorial:

I want a monthly budget

To get started setting up your budget, simply go to , and click the “Create Budget Item” button.
Fill out any relevant fields, and close the window to save the item
Repeat for as many expenses as you have to create your budget
Go to the page to view your budget at any time. You can also modify this view to your liking if you are familiar enough with Coda.

I want to project my account balances in the future

To get started projecting your account balances, follow the steps above in “I want a monthly budget”. We will use the data from your budget in order to project spending out into the future.
Create a Wiserdime account [
] [] and use the Wiserdime Coda Pack to pull in your account data automatically, which will be covered in the next section, or skip this step to create accounts manually.
To add accounts manually, go to and click the “Create Account” button.
Fill out any relevant fields, and close the window to save the item.
Repeat for as many accounts as you have
Next, go to
For each budget item, select an account for the “Source Account” field. This is the account you are paying this budget item from
An automated process will detect your changes and forecast your account balances by creating placeholder transactions. This could take up to an hour.
Go to
Click “New Item” and fill out the form, making sure to provide as much information about the details of your income
Click the “Forecast & Update Income” button
Go to Cash Flow and select the account you want to see
Scroll through the grid to see what your account balances will be up to a year in the future.

I want to automatically monitor my accounts and get alerts on budget vs spend, balances, or credit limit

Follow the steps on and then return here after you have linked & synced all your account and transaction data.
After your automation is set up, it is possible for you to set up alerts.
There are multiple kinds of alerts:
Visit the page that interests you to set up your custom alerts and start automatically monitoring your finances

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